Scheduling is an essential factor in managing the employees effectively. It becomes even more important if your industry demands rotational shifts. So check out the three types of an employee scheduling for effective working by tracking time.

 Online Shifts Scheduling

Doing online scheduling through time tracking software is the easiest and quickest way to assign and reassign shifts. Employees cannot complain about knowing their schedule as they know when they have to work. The main benefit of an employee scheduling is it helps in knowing the proficiency and efficiency. It takes the burden of the company to have the information regarding their hours of working. An employee can know about his shift on his mobile with an internet access and no need to call to the office. In addition, it allows the employees to request for a change. The manager can approve or disapprove it by checking previous records by one click.

employee scheduling

Time Off Scheduling

Employees can apply for the time off requests easily through tracking software. Managers have the rights to approve or disapprove the time off requests. They can analyze the previous reports and check the frequency of time off requests and can take the decision accordingly. Also, they can send the message if the request is denied. In addition, managers can arrange for trade shifts or self-scheduling so that work is not affected and he ensures to meet all the reporting and submissions on time.

Earned Time off Scheduling

It is very easy to reward the employees for their performance by accrual policy by utilizing earned time off in the time tracking software. There is a need to enter the formula and time off accrual is easy to do on the basis of per day, per week or per month. So that the employees feel satisfaction by doing an overtime. It also encourages them to work next time if any task related to projects needs to be submitted urgently. This is, in turn, contributes to higher productivity.

So all the three types are essential to schedule the shifts and ensure the proper management of the tasks.