Are you a travelling enthusiast? Voyaging is in your blood? If your passion is to travel different countries and places to know their way of living, customs, cultures, food habits etc? Then this artifact is for you only. In this write-up we are going to talk about a place where different cultures are combined to make one big amazing habitat. Just take a short stroll through the artifact to discover all the information about such amazing place.

About Such Amazing Place

The place is situated inside the Malaysian continent. This country is surrounded by few parts of Malay Peninsula and Borneo. This continent is the situated at South East Asian parts. This country is the richest sources of rain forest as well as beautiful sun-kissed beaches. As we already discussed about the citizens of such country, they are from different places and countries as well as continents such as India, China, and Borneo as well European continent. But the most amazing places inside this country are Penang. An individual can be able to visit Penang directly from the capital city Kuala Lumpur. This city is rich in architectural monuments as well as colonial buildings and busy shopping districts. Amazing skyscrapers and towers will surely going to capture an individual’s mind. Also who can be able to forget visiting the world-famous 452 m tall twin Patrons tower?

Kl Bus To Penang

As we said Penang is among the best visiting places at Malaysia. Hence if you really want to admire the place refer the bus route from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. There are many services available in terms of KL bus to Penang. En route you will surely be amazed by seeing the scenic beauty. The bus fares are very nominal keeping in mind about the financial state of the local citizens. But not only locals travel through this route. Many international tourists love this place for visiting in terms of holidays. The fare ranges from RM 37 to RM 42 for normal non luxurious bus services. Hence quite a few luxurious services are available against slightly at a higher fare as in RM 74. Boarding meal, free WiFi as well as personal television is available in such services.