One important item should be included in every wardrobe is cotton socks. Men, women and children are wearing the socks on the daily basis. It may wear to school, to gym or to work. There are so many materials are used while manufacturing socks. Whereas 100% cotton material is the most welcome one. By reading this a question arises in my mind.

Where there is nylon and some other materials why still people would like to buy the cotton socks for their daily use? The answer is very simple because cotton is a durable material and it may lasts for many years. Only one disadvantage in the cotton socks is that it may lose its shape when it washed frequently. And there is no guarantee to your socks to retain its original shape.

While coming to the benefits of the cotton socks they are breathable. Usually cotton is breathable and warm material. This is why they are mostly used in bedding, clothing and socks all over the world.  While wearing the cotton socks the feet can breathe and it may reduce the amount of on the feet.

The importance of the cotton socks are identified easily by the person who struggle from the sweaty feet. While cotton is breathable and durable it is also highly absorbent. This means those who are all having the sweaty feet or intended to wear the shoes for the whole day can enjoy the benefits of the cotton socks.

Instead of sweat remains on the feet and makes some irritations better use the cotton socks to gain more benefits. The cotton socks may allow the person to feel comfortable for long period of time.

Many people may suggest that cotton socks are not suitable for some games like walking, exercise, hiking and jogging. This is because the cotton is a good absorbent and makes some problems on the foot later. But those who are suffering from the sweat on their feet will disagree this point.

Other than that the cotton socks absorb the sweat on the foot to feel comfortable.  This is more comfortable because once you finished your exercise you can remove the socks and your feet remains dry.