The dating app made the dating even cooler for the singles to meet someone whom they like to meet. Well, dating is an exciting event for many people and it is also considered as an adventure game that helps them interrelate with the world. But choosing the right partner for dating is a hectic thing which wants people to view thousands of profile for finding someone whom they like to meet. This is a stressful work which requires more time and concentration. But now with the help of technology finding the right partner for dating is made easy. Yes, there are some dating apps that help people easily find someone whom they want to meet. One among such app is which made the dating world less stressful. This app contains face search which is a powerful feature of this app. If you are interested in using this app then you will find more benefits. Yes, this app helps you immediately see the people whom you want to meet. The face search feature uses the facial recognition algorithms and calculates attractiveness of the people. A particular score between 1 and 10 will be given to the people according to their face attraction. Well, some people have this question am i attractive? And of course, this app helps to get an accurate answer. You can also use this app by downloading it from the play store.

Facial attractiveness test

The app is helping those people who have this question am i attractive? Yes, with the help of this app people can determine whether they are hot or not. The result will be gained in the form of scores that is according to the face attractiveness a score between 1 and 10 will be provided. For getting the score, a face attractiveness test must be taken. Well, people need to take this test in a fun manner. The result gained is only meant to be used for entertainment purposes. During the test, the photo will be scanned and then the points will be given. The score will be displayed under the photo of the person.